ARI provides individual and family counseling as indicated by the patient's treatment plan. Every client will be seen by a counselor at least once a month.

Admission and Readmission Policy and Population Served:
Admission to ARI is contingent upon the prospective client having a history of one ( 1) year of addiction to opioids. The record must demonstrate that the person was addicted continuously or episodically during the year .Exceptions to this criterion are made for persons released from a penal institution within the last six (6) months, persons who have been in chronic care institutions and are at risk of relapse, and persons who have previously been in treatment and are at risk of relapse. Persons released from penal institutions may be admitted immediately if they met the criteria before they entered prison/jail. Pregnant women who do not exhibit objective signs of withdrawal or physiological dependence may also be admitted immediately, even if they do not meet admission criteria. Persons released from long-term care may be admitted if they met admission criteria before entering the facility .
ARI does not treat persons under 18 years of age

Discharging a Client:
A client will be discharged when the treatment goals have been
met or when the client has made the decision to no longer comply with treatment
requirements. Ideally, discharge will be voluntary and mutually planned. However, a
client of ARI may be involuntarily terminated for the following reasons:
1. Violent or threatening behavior, or anything that could be construed as such;
2. Diversion of take home doses;
3. Failure to pay for treatment;
4. Dosing at more than one clinic (Double Dosing);
5. Buying or selling drugs near the clinic, or any activity that could be so

Services for Non-English speaking Clients:
ARI offers services in both English and Spanish. We have a three staff members who are bilingual, and make a real
effort to hire bilingual staff when we have job openings.

All services and records are absolutely confidential.