Fee Schedule


Our fees for treatment are $60.00 per week with a discount for couples of $5.00 per week or $55.00 per week for each member of the couple. The intake fee is $25. This fee includes the screening, assessment, physical, TB skin test, and RPR,. The client is solely responsible for any fees incurred from obtaining outside lab work and assessments for which he /she has been referred.

All payments are in cash, money order or credit card and paid in advance. The payment is due on the same day of each week, i.e., if a client joins the clinic on a Monday, the following Monday will be his/her payday at the clinic. If not paid in full on that day, the client will be warned that we will cease treatment if payment is not received in a timely manner. If not paid within 24 hours, the client may be started on an administrative withdrawal. There is no credit given for missed doses, unless the client has been hospitalized or incarcerated and has documentation that such was the case.